3 Worst Spots for a Thermostat Installation in Spring Valley, NV

People are generally aware of how important having a good thermostat installation is to experiencing overall home comfort. Not as many know that the spot where you place the device can make a massive difference to how your HVAC system functions. The following are three bad areas to install a thermostat in your Spring Valley, NV, home.

Abnormally Warm Spots

To best understand where you shouldn’t place your thermostat, you should know where it’s ideal. Since you want your HVAC system to maintain comfortable temperatures evenly across your home, your thermostat installation should be somewhere that consistently sits as close to the overall average temperature in your home as possible.

Therefore, you certainly wouldn’t want to keep a thermostat anywhere where it is warmer than in the rest of your home. This includes your kitchen, where cooking regularly might raise the temperature. It also includes any place that sunlight beams directly upon.

Cold Spots

By the same logic, you wouldn’t want to leave a thermostat installation anywhere that’s significantly cooler than the rest of your home. The prime example here is your basement, which may be underground and encased with thick walls and flooring.

If you put a thermostat here, you’ll likely mislead your HVAC system into thinking that your home is cooler than it is, forcing it to expend more energy heating your home than is necessary.

Anywhere Near a Vent

If you have a thermostat near a vent, it’ll receive blasts of either cold or warm air, depending on whether you’re running your heating system or air conditioner. This will also cause your system to run more often and waste energy since your thermostat will detect inaccurate temperatures.

For thermostat installations, it’s all about location, location, location. Call Super Service Cooling & Heating and request our heating installation services for advice on where best to place your thermostat.

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