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Why is My Heat Pump in Las Vegas Blowing Cool Air in Heating Mode?

Heat pumps work in two modes: heating and cooling. But why is your heat pump blowing cool air in heating mode? If you reside in Las Vegas, NV, this article will help you figure out why your heat pump is blowing cool air in heating mode.

Defrost Mode

This is common on heat pumps with a defrost cycle built into the thermostat. When you turn the thermostat down to cool, it turns on the defrost cycle and blows cool air out. To correct this, you need to set the heat to kick off your main heating system and turn on your auxiliary heat.

Frozen Heat Pump

This is common when there’s ice or snow buildup on the evaporator coil and condenser fins. The heat pump won’t run at a lower temperature because the heat isn’t getting applied to the evaporator coil. You can fix this by cleaning off the fins and coils.

Failing Reversing Valve

If the reversing valve isn’t opening and closing properly, it can cause your system to blow cool air when it should be heating. To fix this, you should schedule HVAC maintenance for your system.

Lack of Maintenance

A scale or buildup of dust in your indoor coil can affect how the unit runs, resulting in it not turning on to heat mode. This gets caused by dirt getting tracked into your system through a leaky seal or a clogged filter. Have your heat pump serviced regularly to ensure it works efficiently.

Coolant Leak

If the exterior part of the system leaking, it ‘ll blow cool air because the refrigerant is escaping. This could come from a leak in your drain pan gasket, seal or radiator cap. You should have your heat pump serviced to fix this issue.

Contact Super Service Cooling & Heating today to learn more about our professional heat pump maintenance services. We have an experienced team of professionals ready to serve you. Schedule an appointment with our company today and let us handle your HVAC needs.

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