What’s Causing My Home’s Poor Airflow in Spring Valley, NV?

Poor airflow can make your living space uncomfortable. It can also result in uneven heating or cooling and reduced efficiency, leading to higher energy bills. The following are some potential causes of poor airflow in your Spring Valley, NV, home:

Dirty Filters

Your HVAC system has a filter that traps dirt, dust and other contaminants to keep them out of your home. If the filter clogs, it can significantly hinder airflow. To prevent this issue, change your HVAC filters every 30-90 days. If you have pets or suffer from allergies, change them every month.

Clogged or Leaky Ducts

If the air ducts get damaged, some of the air will leak out through the crack or hole, reducing airflow in the process. Scheduling duct cleaning and repair can allow a service technician to rectify the problem and ensure high-quality air in your home.

An Obstructed Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit can become clogged with dirt, branches, leaves and other debris. Over time, the buildup can compromise airflow, leading to poor air quality. During HVAC maintenance visits, your service technician can help clean the outdoor unit and ensure there are no obstructions.

Blocked Registers or Vents

Blocked registers or vents could lead to poor airflow in the home. Start by checking around your house to see if any items, like furniture, are blocking them. There should be at least several feet of clearance and unobstructed space around each register or vent so the air can circulate freely.

When you have poor airflow, your HVAC equipment will work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures in your Spring Valley, NV, home. This could decrease the system’s lifespan and potentially lead to more repairs. Contact the HVAC professionals at Super Service Cooling & Heating to diagnose the airflow issue and get your HVAC system running optimally and more efficiently.

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