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3 Signs It’s Time to Schedule a Duct Cleaning Service

A good duct cleaning gets rid of household odors, boosts indoor air quality and improves your HVAC system’s efficiency. Is it time to schedule duct cleaning services for your Las Vegas, NV, home? Check out these three reasons to make the call today:

Your House is Dustier Than Usual

Congested ductwork produces more dust than usual. When the HVAC system’s blower fan turns on, this dust gets circulated and distributed throughout your home. All homes generate a degree of dust. Yet, when you dust your home’s surfaces, they shouldn’t need dusting again a few hours later. In situations like this, you likely have dirty ducts that need professional cleaning.

Your House Smells

Does your home have a musty odor? Do you notice this smell when the HVAC unit turns on? Blame the offensive odors on your ventilation system.

Dust build-up in the ventilation system isn’t the only reason for the odors, though. Dirty ductwork creates the perfect conditions for microbial growth. Schedule duct cleaning to get rid of dust and microbial and breathe easier in your home.

Your Heating and Cooling Bills Have Skyrocketed

When your HVAC system’s efficiency drops, clogged ductwork often deserves the blame. Congested ductwork makes it difficult for air to move through the ventilation system. It creates resistance. Not only does this resistance cause your utility bills to climb, but it puts a lot of stress on your unit’s blower. Duct cleaning service lowers your utility bills and prevents unexpected HVAC repairs. Cleaner ducts mean less wear and tear on your HVAC system and fewer emergency repairs.

Not sure if now is the right time to get professional duct cleaning? When did you last clean your ducts? Professionals recommend cleaning your ducts every three to five years. If you can’t remember the last time your ductwork got a thorough cleaning, it’s time to schedule this essential HVAC maintenance service. To schedule duct cleaning service right away, call Super Service Cooling & Heating.

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