3 Signs Your Heat Pump in Spring Valley, NV Is Low on Refrigerant

Refrigerant acts as a heat transfer medium in your heat pump. There should be sufficient amounts of this fluid at all times to move heat efficiently. Here are some signs of a heat pump that’s leaking refrigerant in Spring Valley, NV:

Frozen Outdoor Coil

The outdoor coil can freeze when the temperature drops below 32 degrees. Usually, your heat pump has a method to eliminate any ice that accumulates on this coil. The system runs a defrost cycle to melt this ice.

During the defrost cycle, the refrigerant momentarily absorbs heat from your house and transfers it to the outdoor coil. This heat melts the ice coating the coil.

Low refrigerant levels affect the heat pump’s ability to run a defrost cycle. This is because the amount of refrigerant left cannot move enough heat from your home to the outdoor coil. Consequently, the outdoor coil remains frozen.

Longer Heating Time and High Energy Bills

A heat pump in heating mode moves heat from the outdoor environment into your house with the help of the refrigerant. The system does this job in cycles. Each cycle lasts anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes.

If the refrigerant levels are low, your system will need more time to bring in sufficient heat. Since the system runs for an extended period, it consumes more energy than usual.

However, multiple other issues can make your system run longer. Therefore, allow a service technician to inspect the system to find the exact problem and repair it.

Strange Noises

Hissing and gurgling sounds are signs of refrigerant leaks. A hissing sound occurs because the high-pressure fluid escapes through tiny holes along the refrigerant lines. On the other hand, a gurgling noise occurs because air enters the refrigerant lines through the openings.

If your refrigerant leaks, don’t think about repairing the problem yourself, as the fluid can harm you. Instead, contact us at Super Service Cooling & Heating for professional heating services immediately. Our team will repair the perforations and recharge your system.

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