Reasons to Schedule Duct Cleaning Service This Spring

The air ducts in your home are responsible for circulating air room to room to keep your home comfortable year-round. When contaminants and dust build up in the ducts, these substances get dispersed throughout your home, affecting its air quality and your health. If you haven’t had professional duct cleaning this spring, here are the top three benefits of scheduling this service for your Summerlin, NV, home:

Minimize Allergens and Irritants

Air ducts can contain micro-organisms and pollutants like microbial, bacteria and pollen that aggravate allergies and other respiratory problems, such as asthma. People who have allergies or respiratory issues have more sensitivity to polluted airborne particles, but anyone can experience nose, throat and eye irritation. If you or members of your household have more problems than usual with allergy symptoms, duct cleaning can reduce allergens and irritants in the air and help everyone breathe easier. Removing pollutants in the ductwork also make your home smell fresher.

Facilitate Better Airflow

The main function of your home’s ductwork is to move air from room to room freely. Congested air ducts hinder this process, resulting in rooms that feel warmer or colder than others. The cleaner your air ducts, the easier it is for your HVAC system to operate effectively. Having your air ducts professionally cleaned every two to five years saves you money and lowers your energy costs.

Increase Your HVAC System’s Lifespan

Anytime airflow’s restricted, your heating and cooling system must work harder to reach peak performance. The extra work the HVAC system does increases the wear and tear on it, resulting in more chances for breakdowns and early replacement. If you want to extend your HVAC system’s lifespan, make air duct cleaning a top priority.

To learn more about the benefits of professional air duct cleaning and the right cleaning schedule for your home, contact the team at Super Service Cooling & Heating. We look forward to hearing from you and cleaning your ducts this spring.

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