3 Reasons to Get Blown-In Insulation in Paradise, NV

Blown-in insulation consists of loose, fluffy confetti-like material that construction workers blow into the walls, crawl space and other hard-to-reach spots of a house using a hose. What difference does having blown-in insulation make for the condition of your home in Paradise, NV? We’ll explain why it’s important to add this type of insulation.

Protection Against Fire

Blown-in insulation creates an airtight seal wherever it lands. Since oxygen can’t get into it, it can choke off fires and prevent them from spreading.

Increased HVAC Efficiency

Air leaks are one of the largest sources of HVAC system inefficiency. Frequently, these leaks occur because of holes in your ductwork, but they can also develop because air slips out of cracks, crevices and other little openings in your walls. Blown-in insulation can prevent heated or air-conditioned air from escaping in this way.

When conditioned air leaks out, your HVAC system will have to expend more energy to either cool or heat your home, resulting in higher energy bills. Effectively insulating your home can thus cut your utility bills in ways that move beyond the efficiency upgrades that regular HVAC maintenance provides.

Reduced Condensation

Blown-in insulation can also reduce the amount of condensation in your roof, attic and walls. This is important because when moisture accumulates in the wood of these structures, it can cause rot to set in, typically in the form of bacteria or other biological matter. This could then threaten to undermine the structural integrity of your house and cost you an enormous amount of money in repairs.

Blown-in insulation’s flexibility, simplicity and power make it an ideal choice for insulating your Paradise, NV, home this fall. To start reaping its many rewards, call Super Service Cooling & Heating today to ask our team for blown-in insulation services.

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