Make Sure to Have Your Heat Pump Tuned Up This Spring

If you want to enjoy cool air without any worries this summer in Henderson, NV, request a tuneup for your heat pump. Your heat pump could last some 20 years with proper maintenance. Here are some other benefits you’ll experience when you have your system tuned up:

Energy-Efficient Performance

A well-maintained heat pump will cycle just the right number of times, and each cycle will be just the right duration. It’ll consistently achieve the point of highest efficiency rather than shut off prematurely. As you can imagine, a heat pump that runs smoothly and without anything to compromise its performance will lower your energy bill, making the upfront cost of the tuneup well worth it. We’re happy to perform the tuneup.

Fewer HVAC Repair Needs

Neglected heat pumps will break down over and over. Even when the owners have them repaired, they continue to create problems. Maintenance keeps things from going in that direction. While you may need the occasional repair throughout the year, it won’t involve any of the major components or cost a significant amount.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Many homeowners encounter not only the need for heat pump repairs. They also require indoor air quality services because IAQ improves and worsens with the heat pump’s performance. Maintain the heat pump to avoid having stale air, high humidity and pollutants that trigger allergic reactions and worsen one’s asthma symptoms.

Super Service Cooling & Heating guarantees your satisfaction with our maintenance work, so call today for an appointment in Henderson, NV. If you join our Air Care Maintenance Club, you get two tuneups a year along with numerous benefits, including a 15% repair discount, a 15% duct cleaning discount, two free filter replacements and zero diagnostic fees. You’ll receive priority status every time regardless of whether you’re faced with an emergency.

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