4 Benefits of Improving Air Quality in Your Spring Valley, NV, Home

Your home provides a comfortable place to rest after work and during weekends. But if you’re dealing with contaminated indoor air quality, it may result in health complications for you and your family. Find out how good air quality in your Spring Valley, NV, home benefits you.

Eliminate Allergens

Allergens such as pet dander, dust, cockroach debris and pollen can cause hay fever. You may experience congestion, sneezing and itchy throat if you have hay fever.

Removing these allergens from your house keeps you and your family feeling well and comfortable. Consider investing in whole-home ventilators to keep your indoor air safe.

Reduce Energy Costs

Besides regulating your home’s temperature, your HVAC system plays a pivotal role in eliminating contaminants. It filters the air that gets into your home, removing pollen and foreign matter.

Clean indoor air means your system doesn’t have to work as hard to purify the air. Your energy bill gets lower, and you can also avoid expensive HVAC repairs.

Remove Bad Odors

Foul odors affect your thoughts, mood and productivity, especially if you work from home. On the other hand, fresh air often reduces stress and can lower your heart rate.

Traditional filters can catch particulates that cause odors, but that just traps them in place. Similarly, many sprays only cover up smells instead of actively removing them. UV purifiers, on the other hand, break down organic compounds before they can grow on your HVAC condenser coil, preventing them from making their way into your home. You can also buy UV purifiers that circulate and purify the air that’s already in your home.

Improve Sleep

Good sleep helps your memory, mood and productivity. In addition, it can strengthen your heart and immune system.

Contaminants in your indoor air may cause nose congestion and irritate your throat, interfering with sleep. These contaminants can also cause or contribute to sleep disorders.

Air purifiers can help you sleep better by sanitizing your indoor air and capturing unwanted particles. Advanced air purifiers can remove contaminants as small as 0.30 microns using electrically-charged plates.

Feel free to contact Super Service Cooling & Heating because our primary focus is helping you feel comfortable in your home by providing quality IAQ solutions and HVAC services. Our professional service technicians will prepare a personalized schedule to ensure you get the most from our services.

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