Pros and Cons of Gas, Oil and Electric Furnaces in Las Vegas, NV

Choosing the best heating system for your home isn’t a decision to make lightly. Because your HVAC system will come in handy year-round, understanding the differences between gas, oil and electric furnaces helps significantly when it’s time to make your decision. Comparing the pros and cons of the most popular furnaces will help you find a solution that’s right for you and your Las Vegas, NV, home.

Pros of a Gas Furnace

Gas furnaces are well-known and often the most popular choice for those who are uninterested in electric furnace solutions. Some of the most notable pros of installing a gas furnace in your home include:

  • Reliability: Gas furnaces typically have a longer lifespan than oil or electrical systems.
  • Faster heating solutions: Raise the temperature much faster in your home with a gas furnace in place.
  • Efficient: Many gas furnaces on the market as much more efficient than alternative models, including gas and electric HVAC systems.
  • Save on costs: Because of their efficiency, it is much easier to reduce the cost of electricity each month with a gas furnace.

Cons of a Gas Furnace

As with any furnace type, gas furnaces also have a few drawbacks. Some of the most common cons of gas furnaces to keep in mind include:

  • Installation cost: If you’re living on a property without gas, the cost will be higher than electric alternatives.
  • Availability: Your property and home must be in a location where natural gas is accessible.

Pros of an Oil Furnace

If you’re living on your land or in a more rural location, investing in an oil furnace is likely optimal. Some of the advantages of an oil furnace include:

  • Accessibility: If you live in an area where natural gas isn’t available, an oil furnace is an ideal alternative.
  • Efficiency: Oil furnaces have a reputation for high heating efficiency ratings, providing sustainable heating when you need it most.

Cons of an Oil Furnace

Before investing in an oil furnace, it’s imperative to familiarize yourself with the potential downfalls of doing so including:

  • Maintenance requirements: Unfortunately oil furnaces typically require extensive HVAC maintenance and specialized solutions. This may require increasing how frequently you clean the furnace and change filters.
  • Cost: The cost of operating an oil furnace isn’t always predictable and will depend on the current cost of oil.
  • Storage: Storing fuel for an oil furnace is tricky requiring more space than a traditional electric or gas furnace.

Pros of an Electric Furnace

Whether you’re seeking a modernized furnace solution or an alternative to gas and oil, electric furnaces also provide benefits, such as:

  • Straightforward installation: Many modern electric furnaces are easier to install than gas or oil alternatives
  • Affordability: Investing in an electric furnace is much more plausible for those on a budget. Even the cost of installing an electric furnace is typically much less than when working with gas or oil-based furnaces.
  • Enhanced safety: If you’re seeking safety in and around the home, an electric furnace doesn’t produce any form of carbon monoxide.

Cons of an Electric Furnace

Compare electric furnaces to oil and gas solutions to ensure you are making a wise decision, as electric furnaces also have negative attributes, including:

  • Cost: The cost of operating an electric furnace is often higher than when a gas or oil furnace is in place.
  • Slower heating times: Unfortunately, electric furnaces require more time to reach a set temperature.
  • Carbon footprint: Electric furnaces utilize fossil fuels, which contribute to a higher carbon footprint.

Now that you know the pros and cons between gas, oil and electric furnaces, you can make an informed decision for you and your family. Choosing the right furnace in Las Vegas, NV, is much easier with the right professionals by your side to assist. Contact Super Service Cooling & Heating to get the right furnace installation solution for your home.

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