Did You Know About These 6 Sources of Indoor Air Pollution?

Did you know the air in your indoor spaces can contain up to five times more pollutants than the outside air? Most modern homes enable harmful pollutants to build up quickly in enclosed areas, increasing the risk of respiratory illnesses, heart disease or maybe cancer. Here are some common sources of indoor air pollutants that you should be aware of in Las Vegas, NV:

Biological Pollutants

Biological pollutants can find their way into your home from outside sources or living things. These pollutants include dust, pet dander, pollen, viruses and mites. You can mostly find these pollutants in environments with excessive moisture, such as in unvented bathrooms.

Pet dander, found in animal saliva and fur, is a common contaminant in many homes. Inhaling these pollutants can make you or your loved ones start experiencing hay fever, flu, asthma attacks, throat irritation and other infectious illnesses. If you have a pet running around your house, consider calling a professional for duct cleaning services to remove dander and dust.

Household Cleaning Products

Many conventional household cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can pollute your indoor air. These products can release toxic fumes into your space, which can cause headaches, irritate your throat or eyes and lead to other adverse health effects.

Additionally, many cleaning products release volatile organic compounds. When VOCs circulate into your space, they can aggravate asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases. Some of the day-to-day products used in many homes that contain VOCs include chlorine bleach, floor polish and upholstery cleaners.


Fresh paint on your walls can release VOCs for weeks after painting your home. Even after drying, paint can still off-gas, putting your loved ones at risk of asthma exacerbation, skin allergies and headaches.

Living in an older house painted years ago means the walls possibly contain lead paint. Lead can pose health risks as the paint peels, flakes, and chips from surfaces after several years or decades.

Air Fresheners

While you may rely on air-freshening sprays or candles to have that fresh scent in your home, they may also emit toxic pollutants. Many air fresheners contain high amounts of formaldehyde, phthalates and other harmful chemicals.

Phthalates are harmful to children and infants because they interrupt the endocrine system. Houseplants are a better and safer option if you have toddlers or little children in your home.


New carpets usually have a smell that mainly consists of hazardous chemicals. Some of these chemicals are from the glue that attaches the carpet to the floor and the vinyl backing. Inhaling these gases can cause nausea, dizziness, headaches or allergies.

Also, carpets easily trap indoor pollutants and particulates such as allergens. Over time, these pollutants can circulate in your home or get distributed as you walk on them. Although old carpets don’t off-gas, they’re associated with severe allergic reactions and asthma due to the infiltration of dust mites.

Cooking Stove

Using natural gas stoves contributes to bad indoor air quality. Burning fuels at high temperatures in gas stoves cause nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, or even formaldehyde emissions. The concentration of gases can be substantially higher, especially in the cold months when people don’t open windows in their homes.

When nitrogen dioxide mixes with the surrounding air in your property, it creates toxic organic nitrates. Exposure to high concentrations of these nitrates irritates the lungs and can even lead to acute respiratory diseases in kids. Ensuring your kitchen is well-ventilated, especially while cooking, can go a long way in improving the quality of air in your house.

Are you looking for an effective solution to improve the air quality in your house? We offer quality, professional and personalized IAQ services in Las Vegas that guarantee 100% satisfaction. Call Super Service Cooling & Heating today for the best indoor air quality products and services that will keep your space clean and healthy every season.

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