6 HVAC Myths You Need to Stop Believing Today in Enterprise, NV

Running your heating and air conditioning systems might seem like the most basic of tasks. But a surprising number of HVAC myths still run rampant. These myths range from the silly to the harmful, sometimes costing you thousands of dollars. In this article, we debunk six common home HVAC myths so you don’t fall prey to them too.

The Bigger the Air Conditioner, The Better

When it comes to your air conditioner, you probably think that the bigger the unit, the better for your home. After all, more equipment equals more cooling power, right? In reality, an air conditioner that’s too big for your home will cost more to run each month.

It’s OK to go with a slightly oversized unit as long as you know you’ll never utilize the full power amount advertised by the manufacturer. A unit that’s way out of range, however, is likely to begin short cycling. This action damages the air conditioner, ups repair frequency and costs a pretty penny to maintain.

Leave the Thermostat at One Set Temperature

You may have heard not to adjust the temperature before you leave the house for the day because it’s hard on the air conditioner to make switches. Despite how common this myth is, the idea isn’t true. The temperature should get adjusted according to personal preference and comfort levels. A change in temperature before leaving or going to sleep is standard for saving on energy costs.

Duct Tape is Perfect for Patching Ductwork

This common myth is a bit of a funny one; however, many people still believe it. Duct tape, despite the name, isn’t meant for use on ducts at all. It’s a common misconception that this tape patches up those annoying holes and cracks in your ducts. Instead, get older ductwork professionally cleaned about once every other year, and get them sealed if you notice poor HVAC performance or problems with inconsistent airflow.

Close Vents to Save Electricity

Many people assume that blocking off entire rooms to their homes means these rooms will no longer get cooled by their AC unit, so they’ll save money. In reality, your HVAC system relies on pressurized air moving through ducts and into each room. Blocking off vents upsets this delicate pressure balance. Such blockages make it so that some rooms don’t receive the air you want them to have, leading to uneven cooling and a home brimming with humidity.

Instead, keep all vents set to open and make sure there isn’t furniture or other debris strewn over them. Take a vacuum to them during spring cleaning to improve airflow. Keeping airflow steady is the best way to keep an air conditioner efficient.

A New AC or Furnace Always Boosts Home Value

Many HVAC upgrades not only save you money on utility bills, but they also boost the equity of your home, which is a nice surprise when it comes time to sell. It’s a myth, however, that a new furnace or air conditioner is a guaranteed way to get more money back when you sell. For example, if your air conditioner is only five years old, you’re not going to boost home value much by having a new unit installed.

Thermostat Placement Doesn’t Matter

If you’ve recently had a programmable or smart thermostat installed, you might buy into the myth that where it’s placed won’t affect the performance of your air conditioner. In reality, thermostats placed too near windows think your home is warmer than it is, causing your air conditioner to run all day long trying to make up for the perceived temperature. Air conditioning units placed near ovens or electronics have the same issue.

If you’ve ever heard that spring air conditioner maintenance isn’t important or needed, it’s a myth, and you should stop believing it. Instead, give the experts at Super Service Cooling & Heating a call, and we’ll help you set up your spring tuneup today!

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