Ask These Questions Before Hiring an HVAC Company in Las Vegas

There are many things to consider before hiring an HVAC company. Here are seven questions you should ask before hiring an HVAC company in Las Vegas, NV:

What’s Your Experience?

A heating and cooling company needs to have experts who have been installing different HVAC systems for several years. This means that they’re qualified, professional and experienced.

To find out the service and installation history of your selected heating, ventilation and air conditioning company, take your time to research them. Look at the HVAC company’s website to see how long they have been in business and what other services they offer.

Will You Inspect Everything?

Before the company can install any system, they need to test and inspect everything to ensure that it’s up to code. This includes a visual inspection, taking temperatures, recording potential problems and running diagnostics on each piece of equipment.

Ask if they’ll inspect everything. You should ask questions like, “Will you inspect the air filters?” and “Can you check the thermostat and ductwork?”

What’s Your Physical Address?

Although most companies have an official website, you should also find out your potential hire’s physical address. Don’t work with an HVAC contractor who doesn’t have a business address that you can visit. If the business isn’t giving you an address, that’s a red flag.

Are You a License Holder?

Ask if they have a license and insurance. Hiring a company that isn’t licensed and insured could lead to legal problems further down the road. It might also lead to issues if you ever want to sue them because they can claim to be a “freelancer,” which doesn’t have any set liability.

What’s Included in the Quote, and Do You Provide an Extended Warranty?

Find out what services are included in their quote before you hire them. If you want to discuss any plans, you’ll also want to ask about their competitor pricing.

Some companies will provide an extended warranty with their heating and cooling systems. If you want to take advantage of this possibility, you should inquire about it ahead of time.

Which Manufacturers Do You Use, and Do You Replace Old Equipment?

Like question two, you want to make sure that you’re working with a qualified and experienced company that has experience installing your type of heating and cooling system. Find out which manufacturers of HVAC systems they use. Also, ask if they can install the system with your existing ductwork.

If they’ll be replacing parts of your home’s current HVAC system, you should ask if they’ll remove the old parts beforehand. Some companies will sell you a new system that uses parts from the old one. Depending on the type of system, this can be a serious risk.

Can You Handle the Job Yourself, and What Do Your Guarantees Cover?

If your home has an unusual layout or an outdated system, can they do the job themselves? Some companies will use subcontractors, which can lead to issues further down the line if something goes wrong because the subcontractors aren’t part of the company that you hired.

Ask them if they have a team that can handle the job. This includes licensed, experienced and technical staff. If they subcontract any work, you should ask why and find out who they’re going to use so you can look into the subcontractors and their capabilities as well.

Ask about their guarantees and whether they include workforce, parts or labor. Finding a company that offers full coverage can eliminate any guesswork in the future, which ultimately guarantees your satisfaction.

Make sure the company’s policy is at least equal to the job. It should also include customer service that’s within a reasonable timeframe.

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